The End of Light – Ausstellung in NYC

Zur Ausstellung „The End of Light“ sind Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich eingeladen:

2 East 63rd Street, New York City

May 17-18, 2013

Open for general public: 11am – 10pm

Teilnehmende Künstler:

Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium), Maria Ignacia Edwards (Chile), Anna Frants (USA-Russia),  Pablo Garcia Lopez (Spain),  Renata Jaworska (Poland),  Alex Katz (USA),  Lev Kazachenko (Holland),  Vadim Moldovan (USA),  Irina Nakhova (USA-Russia),  Abram Nitsberg (USA),  Julia Nitsberg (USA),  Jamie Rubin (USA),  Marcus Schwier (Germany)

Serie "nightshots" - Marcus Schwier
„nightshots“ von Marcus Schwier

Theater Performance “I Take Good Care of My Corpse” by Terra Incognita Theatre, under the artistic direction of Polina Klimovitskaya (USA), with actors Jeremy Goren, Jenna Kirk, Natalia Krasnova, and Renzo Rios.

The music group Drozdy…..

Kuratiert von Julia Nitsberg

Stravinsky Institute Foundation presents The End of Light – an art event at the Academy.  The venue is an architectural gem and an Edwardian landmark that used to house the New York Academy of Science. Its grand neo-classical interiors serve as a backdrop to the two-day show featuring site-specific art installations and performances.

The End of Light is a farewell to the mental frame of Enlightenment expressed through a variety of media.

The event is generously supported by Blavatnik Family Foundation.

Marcus Schwier, image architect. Born in 1964 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Marcus Schwier discovered his fascination for photography while in school. After earning his architecture degree in 1985, he worked in various architectural offices before returning to school in 1993 — this time to formally study photography at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. While at the Academy, Schwier experimented with camera obscuratechniques. Today, the freelancer works on both commercial and artistic projects, concentrating on landscape and architectural photography. Schwier has balanced the artistic work in his studio in Düsseldorf with his global career. On the one hand, he brings the highest standards to the images he shoots as a commercial photographer working on advertising concepts, brochures, and campaigns for such clients as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Thyssen-Krupp, and Deutsche Bank. On the other hand, he doesn’t lose sight of his artistic ambitions and is always looking for new and surprisingly compelling shots. His ground-breaking “Nightshots,” begun using film photography, builds on his Academy experience of shooting long exposures that emphasize the phenomenon of the night itself more than the subjects of the shots. Schwier explains that the nocturnal scene reduces an image to its barest meaning, since the most essential things are already lit; but almost as an afterthought, his long-exposure shots also succeed in bringing light into otherwise pitch-dark corners and niches, uncovering the strangeness of time and moment. Schwier is the recipient of major prizes and awards, including the DG Bank International Photography Award.

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